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About Bartok Design Japan Co.

Hallo, My name is Iacopo Torrini: I am an italian architect living in Japan since 1998. I have a great passion for traditional japanese architecture and I worked for 3 years for a well known architectural office involved in restoration of heritage buildings in the Kansai area. I tried to get involved as much as possible in site management and I got the opportunity to learn directly from skilled craftsmen: carpenters, furniture makers, plasterers, thatched roof builders and so on. Needless to say this experience changed my life: be surrounded by natural materials is such a beautiful experience that I wanted to transmit it to my fellow foreigners who have the taste to appreciate it. As many acquaintances asked me about natural japanese products, I begun exporting hinoki tubs from year 2002. In the past 16 years we have sold more than 500 ofuro bathtubs worldwide to 48 countries ... and counting! Our mission is to foster and preserve the heritage of japanese traditional woodcrafts while offering unique ordermade products to the japanese lovers allover the world. Have you ever tried a japanese wooden soaking tub? You might enjoy a big car or spacious home: you will be surprised how pleasing can be to spend hours in a 30 square feet room. Even in a very compact 5'x5' bath-unit, where you can be completely surrounded by nature and soothing natural scents is enough to make the most of your relaxing time. You might read a book while soaking in the warm water or just enjoy a serene landscape out of the window, you will come out rejuvaneted, relaxed, healed. No doubt about it. You find it difficult to imagine? Please take a look at our introductory page. This miracle is called hinoki bath. We work with multiple craftsman in Japan who are producing hinoki bath-tubs for generations. They are built with care, professionality and passion. And they are more affordable than the products offered by larger factories, loaded by sales commissions and promotional costs. The main differences in using a craftman are: your bath-tub will be handmade, custom as per your specification, using the best quality material. And it will be cheaper than industrial ones. Bartok design offers you this option that is not normally on the market and definately not available to overseas customers. Our tubs are available both for residential users as well as for commercial users (spas, hotels, yachts etc.) We also offer bath accessories (stools, buckets, floor duckboards) and hinoki lumber as per your needs. Finally, we can also coordinate teh supply of other japanese construction and interior materials such as tatami, shoji screens, copper rainchains, stone lanterns and what ever can add to you project that japanese touch you are looking for!
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Flexible Shape Japanese Soaking Tub, Bartok Design Japan Co.

Flexible Shape Japanese Soaking Tub

FRP CORE WOOD BATHTUBS - amazing new technology With the "KAKEHASHI" technique any design shape is possible. convex curve and concave shapes! The curved walls can be straight or even slanted in and out, free as a freehand sketch. Japanese OFURO (wooden soaking bathtubs) most appreciated features are: ・DESIGN: the minimalist shape built with attention to detail ・FLEXIBILITY: highly customizable and suitable for boats, dry environments etc. without risk of leaks

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